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We have been buying properties for over 3 years and successfully helping sellers with their situations. We are personal and strive for the best service possible and will walk you through the whole process We provide win-win solutions to help homeowners get out of their sticky situations… like Foreclosure, owning a burdensome property, probate, or anything else. Sellhousenowcash.com is a rea
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Raul was quick and responsive on making an offer on my house that I was selling in Springhill, Florida

Raul was quick and responsive on making an offer on my house that I was selling in Springhill, Florida. The whole process was very quick and I was very impressed. I would recommend this company to anybody I know that’s looking to sell their home. Kudos to him and his staff for a job well done.

- Julie Brito

Amazing !! I am completely satisfied...

Amazing !! I am completely satisfied with my experience with SellHouseNowCash.

- Alfred Anderson

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  • Sell House Now Cash Miami Review (w/ CEO Raul Bolufe)

    Get the full selling price from your home deposited into your bank account and move onto the next chapter of your life. Experience the peace of mind from having a certified cash offer!

    Video Transcription

      • Today I have Raul Bolufe, if I said that right. If not, correct me. He's gonna talk a little bit about his company, Sell House Now Cash. And Raul's been in this business for over five years, started in 2013. Amazingly, he's done almost 400 transactions. He actually bought the first property at 21 years old. He's born and raised in the neighborhood that he buys houses in and invests in. He works with his family, it's a family-owned business. And Raul, I know him a little bit, go back a while, he's a very passionate guy, and he even actually works with a local charity called His House, which is a foster home. So Raul, introductions. Thank you so much for jumping on today.
      • Thank you, man. Now, interview over. What am I gonna say after that?
      • Yeah. Well, I know you actually had a really interesting story to share with us about a homeowner that you recently worked with, but before we go into that, do you think you could start off by telling us the kinds of homeowners that you work with? Maybe tell us a little about how your business works?
      • Awesome, yeah. Thanks for having me on, by the way. We've been buying home for a couple years, and some of the homeowners that we've helped the most are usually the ones who have a bit of a hard time that's going on right now. We've helped beautiful homes and people with beautiful homes and not really much challenges, but the ones that we're really, really good at is really the people who are either about to go into pre-foreclosure, into foreclosure, maybe they have some kind of bankruptcy issue going on, or they just inherited a house. Those kinds of clients, especially those that I just mentioned, we're really good at handling that, just because... Just having some experience, but other than that, we care and we understand what's happening in your life, and we just wanna make sure that we do things right, quickly, we have people on our team that can help.
      • So I don't know if that answers your question, but yeah, we've helped any type of homeowner that you can think of at this point. But really, the core core core of it is people who are interested in selling their house and possibly in a little bit of a challenging situation, and we just wanna make sure that we get them the fairest deal, not only of money, but time as well, and make sure we respect all that. And that's what we're really passionate to come to work about.
      • Yeah, this is something, just, working with other guys that have your business model, it is... There are certain situations where a realtor, they just stumble on, it's not a good fit for them. And I think you guys are really good at being able to navigate the unique situations that people have, to help them get what's important to them, whether it's time or the structuring of the sale. So that makes a lot of sense. Where do you guys focus, what areas and neighborhoods?
      • That's an awesome question. So yeah, I'm born and raised in South Florida, so is all my family. So really, all of South Florida, anything Dade County and Broward County. Palm Beach County, we do a bunch, but really, Dade and Broward County, anywhere from Florida City or Homestead all the way to Pompano, Atlantic Ave, things like that we specialize in. That's where the bulk of those couple hundred properties we bought have all been there. We've renovated a bunch there and rented them and things like that. So South Florida. I'm a South Florida guy.
      • Yep. So when somebody that's maybe watching this is wondering how does this process work? When they reach out to Sell House Now Cash, what would they expect? Walk us through from the time that they, let's say, fill out a form on a website all the way to closing, how does that typically work?
      • Well, usually we just give them a bag of cash within two hours, and then we never see each other again.
      • Right.
      • So that's a really good one. And we... I like to break it down in four steps. It's really three, but you'll understand the fourth one later. So step one is you reach out to us or we reach out to you somehow in some kind of form and then it worked. When I say reach out, it's a phone call, email, maybe you typed us into Google, you got a postcard from us, a call from us, something along those lines. That's step one is there's some kind of reaching out, and we communicated somehow. Step two is we gather the information from what's happening: Tell me where your house is, tell me what's going on, tell me how we can help you. That's step two. How can we help you? Tell us a little bit how we can help to see if it's possible.
      • Step three is then we either meet either face-to-face or on a phone call. We understand that some people don't live in South Florida. We've dealt with a bunch of clients who own a property in South Florida, maybe live in Vegas or live in Arizona or Washington or Boston or New York, and they own rental homes out here, vacation homes. So we either do a phone call that we set up on a later time 'cause we need anywhere from 15-30 minutes to really get down to the nitty gritty. So either we meet face-to-face if it's possible or on a phone call. That's step three. And step four is we close within 20-30 days, possibly less. And one of the stories I have for later, I'll share how we closed a deal within eight days, but we'll close usually in that time frame. And that's step four is pretty much get your money and have fun and do whatever you wanna do with it, and hopefully we helped.
      • That makes sense. So actually why don't you tell us about that story?
      • Yeah. So I know you asked me for one, but I have two that I just really wanna share. I'll make it short and sweet so it's in the time of one. Alright, so first story, since I said the one in nine days. We had a property. We had someone call us, and it was Latina, I don't know if we can say names, but whatever, her name is Latina. [chuckle] She called us, and she had a property in Homestead that was inherited to her by a family member that passed, unfortunately. And she's like, "Hey, I don't have enough money to keep up with the maintenance. It's a big house." It was like a 2400-square-foot house in Homestead, so you gotta cut the grass, you gotta pay FPO, you gotta pay water, etcetera, etcetera.
      • She didn't really have the money, and she was moving to Minnesota with her mother-in-law, I wanna say. Mother-in-law. And they were living nearby, but they weren't living in this house 'cause they had another property rented just for them two. And they're like, "Hey, I wanna sell this thing. I don't really have enough time, we're moving to Minnesota at the end of the month, it's this day, what do I do?" And I'm like, "Well, let's go out there. Let's check it out."
      • We met with her in person. I think one or two days later, they decided they had to think about it a little bit, but then we... The main thing was she's like, "Look, I just really wanna get this off my back very quickly." I said, "How quickly?" She's like, "I don't know, how long does this take? I don't really know." I'm like, "Well, the average... If you're gonna list it, it's gonna take maybe 60, 90 days, depending. With a cash buyer like us, maybe 20-30 days." She's like, "Okay, 20 days seems a little long, but whatever." I'm like, "Let's put 20 days, and let's figure this thing out."
      • And I got our team on board, I'm like, "Look, let's really do this." I never told her we were gonna do it in nine days, we kinda put it at 20, and we ended up... Our team came together and we ended up doing it in nine days, which was pretty cool. It's probably one of the fastest transactions we've done.
      • Right, half the time that you told her. That's awesome.
      • Yeah, and this is not a marketing that it's gonna happen in nine days every time, but just something that is capable if everything... If all the stars align, you know?
      • Yeah, and basically you guys have the experience to be able to pull that off, and that's not an easy feat.
      • Yeah, experience and the cash. And then the last one, I'll make it really quick 'cause... So I wanted to give one example of only nine days, and I wanna give a quick example of one that took a really long time. Quick story. She also inherited the house from her mother, and it was under her name and her brother's name. Her brother was actually in jail... This house was in Pompano, Florida. Her brother was actually in jail and... But he was on the title, so we needed him. And long story short, he was bouncing around from jail to jail, so so where we, [chuckle] we had to follow him.
      • He wanted to sell as well, to get the money when he gets out and all this, but we needed him, and it was just like we were going through jail systems to... Alright, we need an notary to come at this time, then they would go and he wasn't available. And we were back and forth for eight months. And the sister, who was not in jail, living in the house, she really wants to sell it. She's like, "Look, I'm giving up, we're not gonna being able to sell this," I'm like, "I got you."
      • And so we got an attorney who helped us put it all together, we ended up getting it done eight months later, not nine days, it took eight months, So it's not always a beautiful transaction. But we really, really tried, and we put our heads together and got it done. Eight months later she got her money and moved to where she had to go. And I thought that was a pretty cool story, and she was very thankful that we didn't let her give up.
      • I actually love that you gave those two stories; they're very different, but really help maybe the listeners see the diversity of situations you can work with. That's awesome.
      • Yeah, it's not always pretty. We try to make it as pretty as possible. We have the marketing, if you see our postcard, if you see our website, easy transaction. Believe me, we're all happy when it's easy, but sometimes the reality is, it's not. There's gonna be other people involved, there's gonna be an attorney, there might be a family member. And basically it's not perfect, but we try to work together to get it done within the time that's possible. That's why I'm like, "You know what, let me hit 'em with both examples because I don't want it to just seem like, 'Oh, we're perfect,' but we try."
      • Yeah, this selling a home is, it's not always up there with the most pleasurable experiences in your life for anybody, so it's, you guys do a great job with how you guys do it.
      • Awesome, man.
      • And helping. So one thing I like to ask everybody is, what are the most important tips or most important tip that you'd like to share with the homeowner that's looking to sell their house now?
      • I love that question. And on our website, the sellhousenowcash.com, we have an article that goes in depth. But I'll just give you the two best tips that I can come up with. If my grandma were to ask me, "Hey, I wanna sell on my house," or my mother, or a really good family member, these are the two things I would say. I would say, "Know your goal, know how much money you want from the house. Know in what time you wanna sell the house, and then work backwards from there." So know your goal, know, "Okay, hey, I wanna sell my house in Homestead, in Miami Lakes, in Hialeah, but I know that I don't have all the time in the world so I have to sell it in 30 days, or I have to sell it in 90 days, or I have to sell it in two years." Doesn't matter, it's up to you. Know your goal.
      • Number two, is find a local and credible person. If you wanna sell it to a cash buyer, that's awesome. If you wanna sell it with a realtor, that's awesome too. If you wanna sell it by yourself, that's awesome as well. But if you wanna sell it with either a cash buyer or a realtor, find a local and credible person. And you can do that online, you can do it on Google, you can do that with whatever pieces come in, make a couple calls, see who you like the best. You could do it through asking friends and family. But those are the two best tips that I would give always to sell your house quick, now, and comfortably.
      • I love it, makes sense. So Raul, just before we close up, would it be okay if people were able to get in touch with you directly? I know that's something... I think you'd be very helpful to them. Of course, you're a certified home buyer on Home Buyer Directory, so they can always get in touch with you through your profile page or your certified buyer page. But what are some other ways that they could find you?
      • That's awesome. I love to talk to as many people as possible, even though I don't have all the time in the world, I try. So you can find us on our website which is...
      • Raul I'm just gonna interrupt you. Raul's incredibly generous with his time. Really, really is. So I'm sorry to interrupt you, Raul.
      • So, sellhousenowcash.com, that is our website. We also have an Instagram, which you could direct message us there, and I look at those direct messages. And the Instagram is the same name, sellhousenowcash. We also have a Facebook page, sellhousenowcash, and yeah, that's about it. And then all those... You'll see on our website we have a phone number there, that'll come to our team, which is literally the office right next to me. So I usually hear almost every call, and then sometimes I'll hop on the phone there. Through the direct messages on Instagram, I check those out, through Facebook, I can check that out. And if you ever wanna visit our office, our office is here in Midtown, and you can see on our website our address and everything. So I hope that helps.
      • That's great, Raul. Thank you so much, thanks for taking the time out again to speak with us, and I'm excited for the people visiting our site to discover it so they can learn more about you guys and how you help.
      • Love it, man. Thank you. Thank you again.
      • Alright.

    Why Sell to a Certified Homebuyer Like Sell House Now Cash Miami?

    Certified Local Homebuyer

    • Get multiple cash offers within minutes
    • No MLS, Realtor fees or commissions
    • No staging, no open houses, no stress
    • Close with Certainty; when you want
    • Cash Buyers provide more flexible terms

    Traditional Listing Process

    • No buyer guarantees
    • Takes significantly more time to sell
    • Pay up to 7% in commissions and fees
    • Finding the right Realtor to list your home
    • Staging and updating the home
    • Making costly repairs
    • Paying rent or mortgage on two properties
    • Strangers inspecting your home at open houses

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